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A good looking girl's ugly female friend; a bad looking girl. This girl is usually but not always overweight.
That girl is good looking but her friend is a marky.
by Jeff Haddix May 26, 2008
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marky is a red head that had a red carpet in her pants
hey marky how is your carpet?
its very read today
by cookster444 January 26, 2009
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a beautiful girl's best friend, she's nice and humble to every one around her. She's very picky on who to trust though. She'll be nice to anyone as long as they be nice to her. But when she's mad, She's like a wild tiger.
Jay : Did you see that new girl in class? She's so nice!

Princess : She must be a Marky!!
by The most Random Person May 29, 2016
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An Asian ass anime watcher that's fucks thots and then blames his cousin for fucking that thot?
SMH Markies So You Didn't Fuck Her
by Inyamom21 May 21, 2018
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