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Little Warrior. Charming, enthusiastic and strong. Extremely dependable. Loving and caring. Is good with words, has quick wit and extremely funny. Likes to be the center of attention. He is physically strong and has adorable features.

Paired with an Edwin, they make the best team!
A Marcelino a day, keeps the sadness away!
by toohip2hop May 24, 2011
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Marcelino is a courageous handsome warrior also a good looking man he's bound a get any girl he wants most of the time the ladies will come to him. Marcelino is also a sexy young lad he's wanted by many girls for the size of his dick.when the luckiest girl on earth gets him the girl with want him for 2 things his size of his dick and his sexy features.
Damn an girl will want a Marcelino to smash them.
by Jennnyyy10 March 15, 2017
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Marcelino is a man of wisdom and courage. He is confident with small but not noticeable flaws. He can have sex with any woman and has the ability to keep then after sex because of his size and moves. Any woman wants a Marcelino because of his features and dick.
Damn, she was casted by a Marcelino spell
by Jaaazzzzmmiinneeee January 04, 2018
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