Used in the EU csgo pro scene, when a player makes a bad play.
NA clutch, NA play, NA shot, NA pro
by cslund January 22, 2016
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Narcotics Anonymous- A 12 step program for recovering drug addicts wishing to seek help and support from their peers while getting clean
in the literature it states that nothing cane outdo the theraputic value of one addict helping another addict
"Hey man i cant quite doin drugs the doctor says just to stop"
"Dude its not that easy you need to go to NA"
by D diddy March 11, 2006
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NA means North America. Typically used when provoking others online.
by Kektimus prime August 06, 2016
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Never Alone. Used inside Narcotics Anonymous meetings to emphasize the therapeutic value of addicts helping each other to recover from their addictions. It is difficult to quit drugs alone, it is easier to do the help of other recovering addicts.
Using the NA program means that you are never alone in your battle to stay clean from drugs.
by Oliver988 January 10, 2008
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"NA" Model Mazda MX-5, Miata, Eunos Roadster.
Built between the years of 1989 - 1997.
1.6L (NA6) & 1.8L (NA8) engines.

NB followed, 1998 - 2005

NC 2006 +
what model mx5 do you own? an NA6.
by Ezza03 October 02, 2006
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Naturally Aspirated. Used in many gran turismo games. A way of making your car faster and overall better performing than stock, without super or turbo chargers. To do this "tune-up", many things can work, lighter parts for the engine and a lighter block. Also increasing compression (ratio of volume in cylinders when at the down stroke compared to the volume at the top of the stroke. Cam shafts with larger domes to hold the valves open longer. High output injetion or carb and also thinner head gaskets and much more. A more costly way of improving performance, but with great return. For ways of increasing power and making your car a weed eater all in one, see NOS .
chevyman- dude, i had no idea a few little things could make my car the shit.
riceboy-yeah, whatever, my car has NOS and it will take your camaro anyday.
chevyman-what is your 1/4 mile?
riceboy-18.67 @ 80 m/ph.
chevyman-you need to shave about 6 seconds to beat me.
by Don June 21, 2005
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