Manuel is someone who can show you affection but he can also make you really mad at times. It can be really annoying but when he wants something he gets it
Manuel: I bet I can make you mad

Me: bet

Manuel:I’m gonna go around hugging other girls
by Doggo-is-my-life January 11, 2020
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A huge dick who wouldn't do anything for anybody!
usually pretty ugly and is a casual in games like Super Smash Bros!
Not very good at math or any subject in school. Probably still lives with his mother.

Probably has like 3 friends online.
Just not a person you would not like to hang out with.
Girl: Hey that Manuel guy is a huge dick
Manuel: the fuck you say to me you little shit
by corndogdog September 26, 2019
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A kid who doesnt pull out because he cant get it in. He has never beat his meat to anything to a picture of emily and legend has it he has a 1 cm inch shlong
Manuel has a 1cm inch schlong
She told Manuel that he had a little one
by OoferBoi March 25, 2018
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A black kid that plays stupid video games and is fat and annoying and eats a lot and has a annoying sibling and also is trash at video games
Person 1 Manuel are you good at games

Person 2 yea I am how did you know (shouting in the background) it his sister
by Cute duck December 25, 2019
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