Molina's are known for big hamstrings and good 100 times. Due to abnormally large glutes, all Molina's are able to thrust extremely well, thus leading to ridiculous amounts of intercourse. Oh the huge cock doesn't hurt either...
Wow I wish I was a Molina!
by 'Z April 08, 2014
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When someone is too big of a bitch to do something by themself so they have to get an old man to do it for them.
You were just molinaed you bitch!!!
by VMM-263(REIN) Airframes May 06, 2009
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A person that likes girls named “Amanda” and looks like a emo asian that is scared to confess his love.
Omg, this guy has dated 29 girls named Amanda and he looks like a Emo asia.
“ yeah he’s probably named Molina.”
by Jennifer Quintana March 06, 2019
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The sexiest creature to ever grace the cosmos, very slightly edging out Willem Dafoe.
Bruh, I accidentally jizzed when I saw a picture of Alfred Molina, the other day. I just can't help it.
by Retrojection September 16, 2020
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A version of the reach around in which the the active participant uses both hands to perform stimulation on the recipient.
Jose was so impressively endowed that his masseuse had to employ the double molina in order to finish the deed.
by katzina April 12, 2010
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Did you see Josh’s boyfriend Andrew Molina? he is not a blobfish
by Uallhoes March 24, 2019
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