and a cool friend
-dude last night i've been with manuel, he have a relly big dick!
-relly?! well he is also a good a friend
by ribeirinhooo09 February 24, 2017
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Cute, sensative, and funny kind of guy that enjoys having an awsome times
(Girl speaks) aww look at the cute guy. (Other girl) yeah. Lets go say hi. Hi Manuelle (guy speaks) hello how are you beautiful girls?
by kazeco Kensei June 14, 2015
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Lin-Manuel's are energetic, loud, and accomplished. They are often wonderful writers, singers, and crazy funny. You can count on Lin-Manuel's to make you laugh. They rule twitter and tumblr and have the purest smiles ever. They're great rappers and also great at naming animals!
by bahahahamilton February 16, 2016
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A transmission where you have little Mexican guy beneath the hood to change the gears for you.
Man, this Manuel transmission is AMAZING on gas. 34 mpg, and all I have to do is feed it a couple tacos every week.
by American Idget February 28, 2011
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Once 1235 lbs., this man from Mexico held the record about two years ago for being the world's most obese person. Since then, he has had to have lymphedematous tissue removed from his massive legs, and he has lost 400+ lbs.
TLC and Discovery Health Channel aired specials on TV about Manuel Uribe several months ago.
by pentozali April 07, 2008
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To have gay sex.
Guy 1: Did you have fun at the gaybar last night?
Guy 2: Hell yeah, it was amaze balls. I met this cute guy and pulled a Manuel.

(to pull a Manuel)
by MissPoopyButthole October 05, 2015
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