Arabic word for "winner with the help of God/Allah".

A word used for mystical people with a dark and unknown past. They have the possibility to do anything if they put their mind to it. People are attracted to them. They have a very large leadership role to fill. Their followers are very loyal.

They can sometimes be jerks and assholes.

The coolest most swag person you will ever meet.

Someone that will keep secrets for you.
Person1: Did you here who won that medal this year.

Person2: No who?

Person1: Mansur

Person2: Didn't he win last year for something else?

Person1: Yeah he can do anything if he sets his mind right?

Person2: I heard he was a jerk sometimes.

Person1: He is still a cool friend though. Why do you think I hang around him.

Person2: I guess he is a person magnet.

Person1: A babe magnet too.
by Fixit1997 April 12, 2013
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dont talk shit about my name or imma have to pull op to your house... you i also cant pull any bitches but anyways i can also pull something else out if yk what i mean hehehehe...
girl: hello
Mansur: sup
*makes love*
by ThisIsNotMansur March 8, 2022
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He is a woman man who tried becoming pro in rainbow six. But he is lox and dint succeed. He is a chert. She loves making memes about Ramen and Assan.
You are so mansur.

That hurt my feelings why did you need to call me mansur that's one the worst insults.
by Scorpion21lol February 21, 2019
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A term describing a man's sexual aura. Men with high levels of mansurity are sure of themselves and extremely confident. Any men with intense sexual pheromones would exude mansure or mansurity.
(Ex 1) With such mansure, I am always confident at parties.
(Ex 2) I have a high level of mansurity and it shows.
by The Turtlet January 8, 2007
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A group of three or more girls hanging together at a public place (most likely a bar) who are willing to protect others of their group from the awkward and/or unattractive guys that might approach them during the course of the evening.
"Stacey, wanna hang at The Sau later tonight?"

"No way, I heard that John from accounting goes there to try and pick up women on his night off."

"Don't worry, we've got mansurance; I'm bringing Krista and Wren along."
by freakydeakscale October 20, 2009
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