"Big man" is what you call someone in an insincere or joking manner, and it can apply to literally anyone. Your friends, known nuisances, and even complete strangers.
Man 1: "Hey big man, big man! Can a brotha borrow a couple bucks?"
Man 2: "I've literally never seen you in my life."
Man 1: "Thanks for setting everything straight dude."
Man 2: "Nah, no worries big man!"
by Biggest of men February 20, 2022
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Word used to describe a close homie
Ayyo big man tryna help me finish this popsicle
by Tylerliktosk8 July 21, 2021
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@diefakeouma on Instagram.
Marcus is the biggest alpha male you’ll ever see in your pathetic life. Marcus looks down at the 4 footies and laughs at their shortness. Marcus is a BIG MAN.
“Have you seen @diefakeouma on insta?”

Marcus? Yeah he’s a big man.”
by marcusisabigman June 10, 2019
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A smaller dog trying to be cooler then it really is
Lisa: omg little man is so cute

Chad: no it’s big man!
Lisa: oh..
by Dorky butt March 30, 2019
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A member of a group who is able to assert physical, mental and psychological dominance over the other members. A Big Man also needs to possess a significant set of skills in a particular field whether that is academics, sports or a professional career. Big Men compared to ordinary peoples have superior experiences and skills in nearly all aspects of life. A Big Man will often due to modesty, humbleness and superior morals take credit away from themselves and instead praise others. A real Big Man will never call themselves a Big Man.
Jordan will never be able to become a true Big Man
by 93lad August 6, 2015
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A male human being who does or has done something that makes them feel superior to others, or very good about themselves, even though they know that their accomplishment doesn't truly mean anything.
Just a few examples of being a Big Man include:
-Driving much faster than the person in the lane next to you
-Eating more than anyone else at a party
-Having a vanity license plate with a "cool" word
-Beating someone by a lot in a game
-Wearing sunglasses all the time
-Drinking more alcohol than someone else
-Having a "cool" nickname
-Cracking your knuckles for emphasis
by Rufus Rosenstein August 17, 2004
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'' The big man" refers to Sean mac from Melbourne Australia
Man1: u hear about sean
Man2: oh yeah the big man friend zones izzy
Man1: BIG MAN!!!
Man2: LOL
by firbankpussymagnet May 22, 2019
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