An amazing metal band. Each one of their songs containing the word 'steel' 8 times per song on average.
Hail and kill, that is all i have to say.
by Jamie Hesketh October 28, 2004
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1)Brain warping, face melting metal band.

2)A large,highly poisonous portugese jellyfish

3)An old type of british warship
1)Dude, I saw Manowar last night, I still cant stand up straight.

2)A Manowar washed up on the beach last night, some retarded kid tried to pick it up.

3)If I were a pirate I would so sail a Manowar
by The Abominable Jelly May 30, 2006
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A really good band. One of the better ones around.

Sadly, however, their reputation is ruined by self-righteous "Manowarriors" who throw around the words "true metal," "false metal" and "poser" to justify all of their opinions about music.

What true metal REALLY means: Metal that comes from the heart, is played with real passion, and is not made just for money or mass appeal - NOT "any band that I really like." False metal is any metal that is the opposite of this - NOT "any band that I don't like," unlike what many of the idiots on this site say. ALSO, a poser is someone who tries to be something/one that they are not by any means, like a preppy trying to be an emo - NOT "any person who doesn't like Manowar."

What this basically means is that there may be a band out there that you like, but is not "true metal," and there may be a band that you really hate, but they ARE "true metal." And hell, there may be some big Manowar fans out there who are total posers themselves. Don't bend their words to try to justify any dumb opinion you may have.

For example, some people have said Lamb of God is true metal. The other day, someone on a message board said Lamb of God is false metal. So what does this mean then? Neither of those fans know ANYTHING about true/false metal. They are just throwing words around to try to seem like their opinion is law, and that "I know what I'm talking about because Manowar said so."

But, if you leave some of the moronic super fans out, Manowar is really a great, talented band that's worth a listen for anyone who likes metal.
Generic Manowar Fan: Manowar is the best band ever! Hail and Kill!! I don't like the majority of the world's other bands though, so they're all false metal!! Everyone who likes them is a poser!!!

Normal Manowar Fan: Dude... shut up, or Manowar will come out and rip your face off for disgracing their name.
by Someone who likes metal June 11, 2007
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Metal + Steel + Power + Real + Leather + Spikes + Chains + Swords + Glory + Fighting = MANOWAR!!!

four kings of metal riding their horses made of steel!

louder than hell on wheels of fire!!!
Manowar, Manowar, Living on the road-
when we're in town, SPEAKERS EXPLODE!

Got to make it louder, all men play on 10-
if you're not in to metal, you are not my friend!!!!

losers say it's over with, you know that it's a lie-
the gods made heavy metal, and it's never gonna die!

Death to FALSE METAL!!!
by Metal_Warrior November 02, 2005
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A Power or True metal band

Many feel that their music is repetitive...songs about glory, freedom, blood, kings and heavy metal...but these people are posers...there isnt a band more metal than ManOwaR...

"Heavy Metal...Or No Metal At All...Wimps and Posers...Leave the Hall!!"
That shitty Kerrang mag said Manowar were one of the worst bands ever...Ooook...you can stick to Linkin Park then Mr.Kerrang you faggot
by Steven January 26, 2005
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Manowar is more Metal than You

nuff said
"Fighting the World Every Day

Fighting the World

For our right to play


-Fighing the World, Manowar
by Maxxwell April 26, 2006
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Greatest racehorse of all time. Ancestor to War Admiral and Secretariat. Said to have died of a broken heart after his handler passed away. Won 21 of his 22 starts. Once won a race by over 100 lengths. The one 'loss' was a second and fault of his jockey at the start.

Book by Walter Farley
Man o' War won 21 of his 22 races.
by paradana November 09, 2005
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