I've had too much to think tonight, I think I'm going to have a cry
by UrbanoKevin October 16, 2015
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It's the moment when you sweat through your eyes after a vigorous exercise of your emotions.
Sometimes i cry myself to sleep, because I'm hungry and there's no more nutella in the kitchen
by daily procrastinator January 4, 2012
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To leak out a salty liquid from the small openings on your face in which you see out of. The liquid has a very special name: tears. They come from the small openings in your face and drip all the way down to hell to show the devil that someone has made you feel this way. The he punishes these people by making them have a ver painful sex life.

TIP: Do NOT cry for no reason as you too will have a very unpleasant sex life.
Hope and Gabby cried of laughter because they made caramello frogs and Issy had a cry of extreme sadness because she had to go to a music lesson and couldn't see them do it.
by Sandy Vodka October 30, 2008
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A form of lubricating your eyes
Brain: I have too much to handle, I must tell this person to cry.
Person: *cries
by A urban dictionary user August 10, 2021
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An allergic reaction usually caused by life.
"Are you crying?"
"No, I'm having an allergic reaction."
"To what?"
by Supernatural2005 August 22, 2017
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To cleanse your soul with tears that are full of so much pain
Person1 : why are you crying
Person2 : I’m hurt
by Imsuperdupercool March 25, 2018
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