A single outlet of restrained emotion. A manly tear, if used sparingly, is so powerful, so profound, that everyone around you is moved by your undeniable badassery. It is a show that a beast, no matter how savage, has a heart that is capable of feeling. A Manly Tear (so awesome it needs to be capitalized) demonstrate the control, and the precision of a man's character, as he is willing to skirt the lines of tasteful shows of emotion and uncontrollable babbling. Lesser men are incapable of such restraint, and therefore cannot shed a Manly Tear.
Aragorn sheds a single Manly Tear at the passing of Boromir, son of Gondor
by bewbsaws May 12, 2015
What men shed as a quiet, dignified showing of being deeply moved.

Whereas merely bawling your eyes out will open you up to accusations of being emo or a sissy, a manly tear shows you're mature enough to show your emotions without whoring for attention.
When Adama found out Apollo was still alive, he shed some manly tears.

Hillary Clinton won the crowd over with manly tears.
by disumbrationist April 21, 2008
Tears shed by men. Extremely powerful.
Big Boss shed manly tears over the grave of the Boss.
by realcheney June 30, 2008
tears of the most sincere and truly meaningful origin.they are produced when a real man weep for joy or more commonly sorrow. there is few times that it is ok to shed these tears, but when they are present it is undeniable of what they are. they are so powerful if seen other will be forced to weep with the man.
manly tears use regulations
when its ok: death of a very close friend, family member, sensei, pet that meant alot to you, at grave sites/funeral/memorial, death of a comrad at arms, death of your true love, the birth of your own child or doing the unthinkable and having to end the life of one of the above

when its not ok: pretty much any time not mention above
by Daniel The Ninja July 20, 2010
when a man shows great emotion for something that makes him sad
I shed manly tears at the end of breaking bad's episode "Felina"
by Frosted Lips October 7, 2013
When a Straight man Crys.

Mostly used while talking to a girl
Dude, my paintball gun is at my friends house, and hes not home, im gonna go cry

Girl-You cry?

NO, i just bleed Manly Tears
by DonCapo July 24, 2008