Noun: (Not to be confused with a banalMandy”…among other things, two consecutive e’s are always better than one lonely y.)

The spelling of Mandee is said to come from a mishmash of words: the original one-deelight-deelicious-deevious- and deevoted. All the hottest dee words around come together without explanation with the more common and absolutely ordinary version “Mandy” to form “Mandee” the most fuckin’ boss chica around.

If she were a different creature, she would have similar characteristics to a manatee. She would be a nice little animal thing that swims around and is cool and gentle and harmless. But that’s where the similarities would end.
Tourist #1: “Wow!, is that a manatee?”
Oceanographer: “No!…No way, that effortless creature is way too beautiful to be a fat ugly manatee… that right there is a Mandee!”
Tourist #2: “Yeah….she must work out.”
Oceanographer: “They do, and they’re very smart too…but sadly, much like the manatee, “Mandee’s” also get fucked up by boats going way too fast”
Tourist #2: “Stupid boats”
Oceanographer: “Yep, it’s a real shame”
Tourist #1: “I mean c’mon, haven’t they heard of the phrase Festina lente

~ Mandee is the paragon of femininity!….and, any “Mandee” that, at this very moment, is reading their name on urban dictionary DUCK!!! THERES A FUCKIN’ BOAT COMIN’ WAY TOO FAST~
by adam abeyta May 8, 2008
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A woman who is shy and quiet but highly intelligent. She is often unaware of the inner beauty that others see in her. Men are drawn to her, captivated by her sensuality but few can tame her because she is a free spirit who will not be caged. If you have a Mandee for a friend, she will be a loyal and devoted friend who will do absolutely anything for you...that is, until you cross her, and then beware. Her intelligence also gives her the ability to be devious. She is capable of stealth and creative forms of revenge that her enemies will never see coming.
If you have Mandee as a girlfriend you best beleive she is the most kind sweet fun loving sexy beast. She may be short,but she is definently fierce. She can be a sweetheart but she is also bites.. and She is "Always" there for you.
Don't mess with Mandee she'll bite.
Mandee is amazing!
Mandee is my babygirl.
Mandee is my sexy little jealous baby girl.
I love my short girl.
by Tallstuf January 7, 2018
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synonomous for 'amazingly talented' and 'wonderful person'; also another term for 'lack of self confidence where one have total confidence'
The singer is such a Mandee Kulaga... she doesnt even think she is any good!
by Megara December 15, 2004
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The most famous person in New York City.
*Girl in Times Square shrieks and points* "Look! It's Mandee Kulaga!"
by ;-) April 10, 2005
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White actress, seeking tall, dark handsome male, see Kevin Davis also answers to Mister Anderson.
O lordy, I feel a Mandee Kulaga coming on! or Oops, that smeeled like a Mandee Kulaga or Man, I could use a nice cold, Mandee Kulaga
by Mister Giggles July 5, 2004
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Certain flavor of salad dressing, especially popular on Ethiopian cuisine.
Hey, woman, pass me that good ol' Mndee Kulaga, yeah, you know the stuff!
by Wolfie December 2, 2004
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