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A woman who is shy and quiet but highly intelligent. She is often unaware of the inner beauty that others see in her. Men are drawn to her, captivated by her sensuality but few can tame her because she is a free spirit who will not be caged. If you have a Mandee for a friend, she will be a loyal and devoted friend who will do absolutely anything for you...that is, until you cross her, and then beware. Her intelligence also gives her the ability to be devious. She is capable of stealth and creative forms of revenge that her enemies will never see coming.
If you have Mandee as a girlfriend you best beleive she is the most kind sweet fun loving sexy beast. She may be short,but she is definently fierce. She can be a sweetheart but she is also bites.. and She is "Always" there for you.
Don't mess with Mandee she'll bite.
Mandee is amazing!
Mandee is my babygirl.
Mandee is my sexy little jealous baby girl.
I love my short girl.
by Tallstuf January 06, 2018

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