When a person is moved to a U.S. Army battalion level staff position and begins to come up with ideas they used to think were dumb. The individual will also start coming to work 50% less than they used to.
Hey man, why is Johnny being all Battalionized about this training?

Example 2:

Hey man, where's Johnny? He isn't at work

Yeah he's being all battalionized today.
by EODPepperJack July 28, 2016
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That one Thot everyone in the squad fucks to boost morale.
Person 1: Aye where ana
Person 2: who that
Person 1: know that joint we all yeah at that party
Person 2: Oh Capt. Sloppytop
Person 1: Best Battalion thot in the whole corp
by BigDongBabySchlong March 06, 2019
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an army of italian/african-american mixed-race individuals.
the blatalian battalion is comprised of many franco harris clones.
by mike valenti June 09, 2008
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a culture of marijuana, native to college park ga. the name comes from the sensation of having hundreds of genitals all working at the same time.
"That smells..."

"You know that stallion battalion!"
by barbecue mcdaniel March 03, 2012
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A bald, micromanaging, shit-weasel that has nothing better to do than lean over a guy's shoulder when he's trying to work when he's not falling asleep at his desk.
Man, did you see our battalion chief? He watched those guys dig a hole all day and then gave them shit for eating an early dinner. I hate this department.
by Dave W Webster January 05, 2011
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The training battalion of 69ths rangers reg.
There are TWO types of rasp battalions
Or can be the dumbass E2s that are just too dumb to do anything. the candidates

R- Rangers
S-Smells like
Bruh I just joined the rasp battaliontraining team now I'm getting 50 pings every second!
Bruh m8, just just the normalest thing I've ever heard!

Man I regret joining a RASP tryout! Now I am in a dumbass battalion that just doesn't do anything.
Ok From mochi
by Ranger man June 20, 2021
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