Slang term for Manchester United F.C., derived from the shortened Man U version of their name. Used in a mocking fashion.
I hope ManUre lose tonight, they're all fucking cunts.
by Dr. Graham Garden April 10, 2007
A fertilizer farmers use for their crops. The smell is so furiously stinky it is almost addicting in a way.
She: Wanna head back? The manure is starting to stink real bad here
He: Nah I'm fine with it. It's actually quite addicting in a way, ya know?
She: what.
by UwUltimateDoge August 8, 2021
animal dung used for fertilizing land.
"plenty of fully rotted horse manure can be dug in this fall"
Eat Manure
by Α January 13, 2022
Manure is defined as the animal dung used for fertilizing land.
In 21st century,manure is also used instead of man utd as their name cause of their piss poor performance in recent times.
Manure got clapped by Simeone last night.
by Steve knight March 16, 2022
The degree to which a phrase or statement is "bull ****"
The press release from that politician had a very high manurity.
by greenpc February 5, 2010
A bro freaking out in a highly animated manner about something that ultimately isn't something that warrants freaking out at all about.
He had a manurism when he found peppers in his salad. We now call them rage peppers.
by RagePeppers February 14, 2016
Following a night of intense anal, Dave's manure hole looked like ground beef.
by ellis292 December 16, 2009