A gay night club

named after the english football team
no example for man utd

it is just gay
by Example555 February 16, 2009
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the best football team in europe with lots of songs like we are the pride of all europe the cock of the north we hate the scousers the cockneys of course and leeds they won the treble in 1999 nd might in 2007
jack:Arsenal are the best
Aaron: no they arent man utd rule
by Fumas April 29, 2007
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Largely unliked Football (Soccer Team), Successfull for a forgettable period in the mid to late nineties. Now in steep decline, and managed by a whiskey nosed scotsman showing early signs of dementia. Notable for their low level of European cups and tend to handle themselves with little or no dignity. Most fans are glory hunting individuals who live nowhere near Manchester.
Liverpool have 5 European Cups, Man Utd only have 2. Bah!
by Conormurphy September 26, 2005
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A truely magificient football club basking in great history and success achieved within the beautiful game. (Soccer) Simply the most talented bunch of individuals to step forth onto a football pitch anywhere in the world combined into one combined unit of 11 players. A bunch of men united by spirit, footballing ability and marketing.
He plays for man utd
by Total Chav September 9, 2005
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A bunch of total cock-heads who like using players as slaves. They also have to have hundreds of paramedics around thier manager, incase his stupidity leads to chocking on chewing gum.
Somehow manage to play premier league football...
'Blimey, Man Utd really suck!'
by Dunno, you tell me August 20, 2008
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A supporter of a team that is meant to be good, but in reality is a laughing stock.
"Give me a joke"
"I'm a Man Utd fan"
by Random person 183747748 December 30, 2020
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