Meaning: descendent of bear
The Mahoney's are descendents of Brian Boru, ancient king of Ireland.
by the_referee March 5, 2009
adjective or a noun 1) to be so awsome 2) suvstitute for awsome 2) outragous 3) to be so awsome and sexy that you dont have to do much to get what you want 4)being so random that it doesnt make sense but it is still funny and sometimes attractive
"Hey that guy is so mahoney" the man walked down the street no one noticing how Mahoney he acutally was. "This park is mahoney. The gang looked like they were almost mahoney status
by Raktore Rasha November 14, 2011
An unnaturally endowed man. Having male genitalia comparable to that of a horse.
"I am not sure I can have a second date with that girl, her last boyfriend was a real mahoney."
by NegativeEL3ment February 19, 2013
Cadet/sergeant Mahoney is awesome character from Police Academy franchise movies.

Initially, he was sent to police academy as a punishment, to avoid imprisonment.
But he eventually liked it, and graduated from the academy as police officer.
He did a number of practical jokes on bad guys, who wanted to destroy academy's reputation.

Among his pranks were:

- two cadets sent to gay bar Blue Oyster, instead of the party
- replacing shampoo with epoxy glue, while captain Mauser was in the shower
- ordered a body cavity search on captain Mauser

- sending a prostitute to give a blowjob to the academy head Eric Lassard, while he's doing his public speaking
Proctor: -Mahoney said this restaurant has the best salad bar in town.
Lt Harris: -Proctor, I don't see a salad bar.
Proctor : sees the name of the restaurant, "The Blue Oyster" Look sir. Maybe they serve seafood.


Capt. Thaddeus Harris : Not funny you idiot!
by dildo777 June 29, 2019
Heroin, crystal meth, or any other assortment of hard drugs and accompanying accoutrement.

A life changing substance that may or may not have adverse effects on your life, health, well-being, ability to reproduce, ability to maintain a meaningful relationship, available bank account balance, and tooth count.
Yo homie pull through I got that fire mahoney on deck for the low low.
by Crescent Street Crusader November 26, 2020
Vodka and OJ drink (Screwdriver) in remembrance of "Mahoney" Saatkamp.
There's no vodka in this Mahoney!!
by Noko Resident July 20, 2011
a fairly large person resembling some kind of cartoon character that lives in the swamp, has an self amusement problem (masturbates too much) and tends to lie frequently.
by jerry1414 March 25, 2011