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The most amazing person you will ever have the luck in meeting. A THADDEUS IS A RAINBOW UNICORN OF AWESOMENESS.
Thaddeus is so goddamn gorgeous that everyone in a 20 mile zone will be pining after them. They particularly have the most amazing eyes known to human kind, as well as the best bums ever. They are irresistible and sexy and will make you want to just kiss them all over whenever you're near to a Thaddeus.
Being near a Thaddeus will make you feel like the best human being ever. A Thaddeus has the power to lighten up your whole world just by being there for you.

If a Thaddeus has a girlfriend, she will be the luckiest girlfriend on the face of the Earth and she will know it- he will be her Saviour and Hero and make her feel happy when sometimes she finds it hard to be.
More importantly, a Thaddeus is a person who can and will change the world if they believe in themselves. They don't understand the amazing effect they have on everyone who knows them, and yet still goes about being the most amazing person ever.

You will fall in love with them.
Kim: Aaaah my boyfriend is awesome!

Max: Yeah, you always say that! What's his name again?

Kim: Thaddeus.

Max: Aaaaah yeah, a Thaddeus is always awesome!
by PrissyBeau January 21, 2013
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A strong, confident, sexy, athletic man. Can learn to do anything, usually takes a leader role, and is very independent. Although he is tough outside, still quite a softy inside, funny and quite a charmer. He knows how to take care of his girl and makes her very happy. All the girls want him but he stays faithful to his girl. Has an amazing butt....and gorgeous hair.
-who is that sexy man?
- Thaddeus
-dangggg. even his name is sexy.
by ninjaSteph February 21, 2011
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One of three Greek words for Maximum, or the most of, largest amount of....etc.
May be interpreted as Maximus (different translations vary.)
In Latin this work usually means; close to god, or one with god, very godly.
This name was usually reserved for semi-official positions around 100bc-300ad to point them out as greater, or bigger than their peers. much like a Mayor or similar today.
Used in all four christian gospels as the name of Judas the Greater(not the Iscariot, or one who handed Jesus over to die) as way of respect.
shhhit dawg, that dude had some thaddeus moves on the court.

dayummm, these speakers are turned up to the thad man.

That Thaddeus boy has like golden threads, a true thaddeus, fo sho.
by thaddeusboyz December 05, 2008
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its a name of power and confidence. one that demands attention and a listening ear. a thaddeus provokes thought beyond the norm. and wins the heart of just one. pride can overcome a thaddeus, yet all accept him for what he is.

natural habitat is in a southern state, such as texas, yet is known to travel to distant places, always to reture to the said sothern state.
person 1: hey whered thaddeus go?

person 2: oh he went to colorado, but dont worry, hell be back.
by well howdy February 03, 2010
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1. One of the ten apostles in the Bible.
2. (noun) A bear that doubles as a WMD; the most potent weapon of the 21st century.
3. (verb) To threaten, coerce or attempt to murder.
1. Thaddeus never betrayed Jesus; Judas did.
2. Dion tried to use Thaddeus to obliterate his nation.
3. Put that away! You almost Thaddeused me!
by DionHo February 27, 2012
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A tall skinny kid who has mixed feelings about sports. Thaddeus is somewhat funny, and is smarter than most and you didn't expect it. Thaddeus also loves fortnite.
Wow Thaddeus is smart.
by ,.., January 22, 2018
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