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The way WWE announcer John Bradshaw Layfield Pronounce's fellow commentator Michael Cole's name.
JBL:"And some amazing offence from Roman Reigns, wouldn't you agree Maggle?"
by KeyholeMaggle July 22, 2018
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1 To pester someone in order to make them read a poem aloud, record it, and post it on the Internet.

2 To spot non-English words.
I've been maggled, so now I have to record this poem!
by Ashley May 07, 2005
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a dirty, senseless, airheaded athlete (often soccer player) who thinks that she is better than any and everything in every way. this may include, but is not limited to academics, looks, athletics, cooking, drinking, dancing, eating the food previously cooked (or food that others cooked). when in fact maggles is inferior to most human beings, and some breeds of dogs.
Anderson: I can't believe I pulled a 93 on that last math test!
Maggles: Yea thats ok... if youre retarded. I got a 110
Anderson: There was no bonus?
Maggles: yea... if you didn't sleep with the professor ;)
by sloandogmillionaire March 07, 2011
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