To have this chick named Suzanne that drives ya mud butt having ass fucking nuts( at times ) ( not all times but.....). To be pestered by a chick named Suzanne!!!!
Man that chick Suzanne will not allow me to pester and come visit her. I hella need to talk to her but she's playing grab ass!
by Yo dowdy July 23, 2019
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continually talking to you when u dont want them to
jc's a pestering cunt
by rusty jones January 16, 2004
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Bugging the complete shit out of someone until you get what you want. See persistence.
I will maintain my pesterance until you return my calls and give me my discount.
by Danak1975 October 11, 2013
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Allan Angeloni is a pesterer due to annoying girls like there is no tomorrow.
by Bob Hicklefarmer December 03, 2012
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