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(verb). The act of traveling a long distance (usually by means of a difficult route) in order to reach a desired destination.
John: Yo are you coming to Pete's house tonight?

Bill: Nah man I don't think I'm trying to magellan all the way over there.

John: Yeah man i feel that, there is mad snow and shit on the ground.
by Ferdinand Magellan IV January 28, 2013
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When a single continuous turd is long enough to circumnavigate the toilet bowl.
I dropped a massive deuce yesterday-totally Magellan'd it.
by CaptEggo July 3, 2010
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(adj.) Used after Ferdinand Magellan, and alternatively spelled "Magellin". It means "nice, good, cool, freakin' awesome, etc."
Hey, Jeff, you look awfully Magellan today.
by Zombii Cidel October 26, 2010
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Verb. The practice of exploring new and exciting strip or gentleman's clubs. More easily talked about at places where discretion is preferred, such as work, school, holiday dinners, church, temple, and funerals.
Yo dude, wanna go Magellaning this weekend? I have an abundance of singles that can be donated to the Single Mother's College Fund.
by John Slivka December 24, 2009
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Ferdinand Magellan (Fernão Magalhães in portuguese) was a PORTUGUESE (not spanish, as some, ignorants towards the subject, believe) explorer. He led the first geocircumnavigation (do a complete travel around the Earth), perpuating the portuguese pioneirism that began with the foundation of the first colonial and global empire of the Renessaince.
Wow, you dated Beth, the popular and gorgeous girl who nobody had the balls to ask out? Man, you're a real Magellan!
by don0tevensweatitdon't August 9, 2017
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Magellan was a Spanish explorer and is the brand of a GPS system. In movies, the term Magellan is used to make humor out of a character that is blatantly lost.
"Hey Magellan, do you know where we're going? I think that you were supposed to make that turn back at forth street."
by jct7 June 28, 2006
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Generic term for cool, good, awesome, groovy, chill, swell, nice, great, sweet, fly, happening, fresh, super, etc.

Alternately spelled magellin, as if an abbreviation of "magelling," which is not a word.
"How's it going, man?"

"It's magellan."
by Epimetheus January 9, 2008
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