1. Someone who makes poor choices, when choosing a partner or mate to reproduce with.

2. Someone who does not believe in traditional family structures.

3. Someone who does not take responsibility for the type of men, she decides to have sex with.
Sheila thought having a baby with a married man was a good idea, that's why she is a single mother
by Truthteller875 August 08, 2019
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A women who is single and have child(ren) out of one of the following reasons:

1.) Divorced
2.) Carelessness
3.) Both
Shanda was an unhappy single mother who was mad because men did not take her seriously in relationships because she had so many children. They only saw her as a sex object. She is expecting her sixth child.

Shanda has turned down invitations to be a guest on both the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich shows.
by Mr. Dwayne October 18, 2004
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What any woman who has a kid by a black man becomes after telling him she is pregnant.
Becky has jungle fever, hopefully she’s prepared to be a single mother
by Niggy Azalea July 16, 2019
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A single female who has the sole responsibility of caring and providing for her own child(ren). Single mothers are often demonized as being promiscious welfare queens that inhabit inner-city public housing projects. However, not all single mothers are whores who collect welfare checks and food stamps. Many single mothers are merely victims of unlucky circumstances. A single bad decision like sleeping with a crazy penniless bum or a heartless womanizer can change a woman's life forever. Alot of single mothers had children by dead-beat fathers who were unable to help provide for their children. As a result, many single mothers are forced to work 40+ hours a week to provide for their children. Many children who grow up without fathers are more likely to look in the wrong places for father figures. Fatherless boys often turn to the streets, usually in the form of gang affiliation, to compensate for that lack of fatherly love and guidance.

Over 31% of all American children are born to single mothers. This occurs for many different reasons. For many men, all relationships with women are about sexual conquest with little responsibility in mind. In addition, popular culture teaches kids poor values about sex and relationships. Mediated images teach young boys that women are sex objects. In the media, women are portrayed as disposable material commodities that are used solely for sexual gratification purposes. This is most evident in glossy modern-day rap music videos. Raunchy mainstream Rap, R&B and Pop music also encourage kids to become sexual active at earlier ages than normal.

Nearly half of all black children in America are born into a family led by a single mother. This is caused in part by the legacy of slavery in America when black families were broken apart at the auction block. Traditional nuclear family structure was non-existant for the enslaved black people. It was completely normal for a black male slave to impregnate a black female and keep it moving. Sadly, this destructive tradition has been past down through the generations to present day, much like unhealthy Soul Food.
White Guy: "Look at Shaniqua over there with her kid Lil' Shaquan. What a slut, she must've had that kid when she was fourteen. Look at how her kid is dressed, he's only five years old and he's dressed like a thug wearing baggy clothes and a doo-rag and shit. They definately live in the projects. What are they doing in the mall in MY neighborhood?

Me: "Shut the fuck up you pasty motherfucker! Just be glad you came out of an ugly rich white lady's pussy and not a poor single mother's!"
by thagoldenchild September 02, 2007
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Term for a bloke who deliberately goes after single mums, on account of their low self esteem, gaping open fannies, and expectation of being shit on repeatedly - started by Patrick from the Logans, on their single - SingleMotherLover
He's a right fucking single mother lover, as soon as he see's the buggy his fucking eyes light up
by Don Logan August 15, 2006
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your a single mother -brandon
what does that even mean-daniel
either way its gay-brandon
by lil broskii February 06, 2018
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Single Mother Winter being defined:
Man: Hey, are you pregnant?
Her: Yes I did hot Girl Summer.
Man: Who is the Father ?
Her: Idk
by SingleMotherWinter July 01, 2021
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