A word of encouragement or bold proclaim to never crack under pressure or a difficult situation. It is a yoruba word made popular by Nigerian Musician Naira Marley.
Omo iya mi, Mafo mo wa pelu e
by Zurkses December 17, 2019
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An expressive way of saying "don't be afraid". It is a word used to show how brave and ready you are for whatever comes your way.
E.g Are you scared? Mafo! I am with you.

Theologically the bible states Isaiah 41 vs 10. Do not be afraid , for i am with you i.e Mafo, i am with you.
by DeboDenny January 31, 2020
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A life changing motivational term coined by Nigerian music icon, Naira Marley which literally translates to "No Four".

Mafo simply means; keep your head up, don't loose guard, don't misbehave, never give up, don't be stupid, be smart, be wise, don't be a bastard, etc.

You are not too old to make it big, Mafo!
God still got you and miracles can happen before the year runs out, Mafo!
If you didn't win today, mafo, there's always a tomorrow
by Kadet † December 29, 2020
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Mafo is a Nigerian slang , it can generally be used by anyone ..it was formed by naira Marley a Nigerian legend...it simply means don’t be afraid or don’t be scared no matter the situation anyone that tells you mafo would be there for you
Omo Iya mi mo wa Pelu e mafo
by Adesewa December 30, 2020
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A way to call a very funny and fun man that gets a lot of women without even trying.
Wow I wish I was mafo
My friend is such a mafo
by Mafo_ April 26, 2022
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A Welsh word for people with speech impediments or lack of knowledge of life in general
"Mafo yn disgrace" or "he isbeing stupid again"
by Wills005 May 14, 2021
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Mafo, originally an abbreviated version of motherfucker similar to mofo, is now defined as a careless or clumsy person.

Mafo can also be used as a verb 'to maf (it)' in various tenses as well as an adjective.
"Man, that guy is always burning toast. What a mafo!"
"Man that guy really maffed it. It smells like burnt toast in here."
"Yeah, that was a real mafo move."
by EastBayDroogy November 11, 2013
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