a piece of bread that is burnt.
this is one of four words that is involved in the Jackson High School controversy about the shirts. ASB printed words on backs of shirts and handed them out, but after someone looked on urbnadictionary, the shirts became news and were revoked
my toast is burnt (burnt toast)
by jacksonburnttoasts March 29, 2009
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burnt toast, the guy who comes over drunk and toasted then drinks all your beer. then you say get out toast, you have burnt this bridge.
random toast: wheres the beer?

erik: the bridge is BURNT, you burnt toast!!
by mountaingoose September 4, 2010
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you're having a stroke.
Bo Burnham once said "If you smell burnt toast, you're probably having a stroke"
by inksquiddo September 1, 2021
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Princy: gosh you're so smart

Amanda: not really. not compared to the rest of my graduating class, things are getting tougher with this economy.

Princy: oh, burnt toast.
by Amanda Kristine March 30, 2009
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Term for someone lazy to redo something they just messed up, or too comfortable to change a situation for the better.
Literal Example: Making breakfast in the morning & you burn the toast, there are 3 choices: 1) You bin it and go without breakfast 2) You scrape some of the burnt stuff off or 3) You eat it as is. But under no circumstances do you make fresh toast.

Mike: Bob is always whining about how his girlfriend never does anything around the house, I can't understand why he doesnt do anything about it.
Geoff: Burnt toast my friend, burnt toast.
by Sketchey December 14, 2007
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Burnt Toast, also commonly referred to as "BT", is the state of uncontrollable sleepiness and or heavy eyelids. A ridiculous drowsiness that is unescapable for any living organism. May lead to dropping of the controller in late night video game sessions. Or, getting beat on a backdoor cut while defending in basketball. The only cure is sleep and better better gym shoes.
Oh my Gosh, Mary is so burnt toast.
Guys, I'm burnt toast.
She is passed out for the night, BURNT TOAST.
He got burned on that backdoor cut. He is extra burnt toast.

What are the signs of BT?
1. Eyelids that feel as though they have heavy chain balls attached to them.
2. Uncontrollable laughter at things that wouldn't ordinarily be all that funny.
3. You're playing Halo at 3am in the morning and you glance over at your teammates screen only to find that his character is running into a wall, while the player's eyes are closed.
4. Another sure fire sign is the tired head bob or slurring of words.
by Slobo Hunter January 7, 2009
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When expecting something awesome yet instead it's super stale
Quit acting so burnt toast ya little bitch!
by Ofresh August 12, 2014
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