Same thing as theoretically but the cooler word. Used by ratchet/ghetto people.
Theologically, yo would't be ma best frands if yo won't born.
by Hor-sey April 26, 2015
A person who believes that words such as "sanctity", "spirit", and "god" have no meaning because they refer to subjects that humans can't comprehend.
Religious man: "Don't you feel the love of Jesus raining down upon you?"

Theological Noncognitivist : "What's a jesus?"
by dudeman909090 March 15, 2010
The stage after Pre Theological in which science answers most of the basic questions that humans ask and no longer need to substitute supernatural explanations because we are learning the natural explanations.
He disliked the term Atheist because he realized that people who still use that term are just clinging on to the vain hope that religion is an answer for the unknown. Instead, he knew preferred the truth and was now part of the Post Theological world that no longer needed fantasy and a belief in the supernatural to comprehend life.
by Pointer of the Obvious October 14, 2008
The argument that religious terminology (words such as "god" and "supernatural") doesn't make any frickin' sense, and just clutters up language meaninglessly.
The atheistic philosopher who claims that "god" is nonsensical is a proponent of theological noncognitivism.
by squarecircle August 8, 2006
Someone who still needs fantasy and a belief in the supernatural to comprehend life.

The stage before post theological.
Not being able to understand evolution or basic science, he decided that he would be Pre Theological and just let his religion answer all of the hard questions for him. He allowed himself to do this because it was easier than having to think and he was afraid of what his family would say.
by Pointer of the Obvious October 14, 2008
Theological divinialism is the part of divinialism responsible for its theology, it seeks the study of the nature of God, gods, divine beings and divinity in a divinialist outlook and how reach them and become like them.
"One of the most important concepts inside theological divinialism is the concept of people's divinity, where everyone is divine at some level and anyone can reach th divine by its own will, motivation and evolution."
by Full Monteirism January 23, 2021