He is macroning himself. He knows he's messed it up.
by Gulbargavi October 31, 2020
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Macron is a name for a person that's unemployed and gets by living off the government whilst being a e-begger and doxxer
I used to dontate to Macron because i felt sorry for him living below the poverty line. But i made the mistake of donating and that gave him my personal information. Now i have non stop pizzas sent to my home
by Chad Romero December 6, 2019
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To do something during a long period of time without any significant result.
You macroned this task the whole sprint!
by Senya77 June 3, 2022
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Some French guy who rules france and hates Islam
Macron: we will abolish Islam once and for all
Islam extremists: oh yeah well… *flys plane to effiel tower killing macron
by Some1 @ the internet July 17, 2021
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Represented as: ¯

A macron is usually put over a vowel to show that the sound should be longer. Rarely used in English as most English almost never uses accent modifiers like graves, diaereses, and tildes.
Macrons: ¨¡ ¨© ¨± ¨¥ ¨­ ¨µ ȳ
by FlareNUKE October 1, 2006
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A long bar placed over vowels in words from foreign languages, like Japanese.
I read an old history book and saw a macron over the 'o' in Hokkaido
by RatchetBoo November 3, 2003
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Generally referring to a young guy who likes to fuck very elderly woman. Just like Emmanuel Macron.
Wow, Dwayne is one sick Mo-Fo, that bitch he is fucking is like 89 years old, surely he's got Macrons-disease
by luvbeingrimed May 2, 2018
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