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It’s a universe where earth code named Earth-199999 has a country called sokovia
Breaking news, the avengers fucked up sokovia in the mcu
by Some1 @ the internet July 17, 2021
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The best fucking year in the fucking world
2020 is the best fucking year since cringe should not exist in this decade.
by Some1 @ the internet February 6, 2020
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an American school which also exists in Qatar
its weird that debakey (an American school) exist in a middle eastern country
by Some1 @ the internet May 16, 2022
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A real country in earth-199999 that was destroyed by the avengers
Sokovia has been fucked up by the avengers because of some alien-robotic guy called Ultron
by Some1 @ the internet July 17, 2021
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A very cancerous group of bands held in North Korea that all the teenage girls love it for some reason. The most popular, cringiest & cancerous band in k-pop is BTS & I don’t even know why people likes this cringy-ass band. K-pop is also more cancer than jake Paul himself.
Cringy k-pop Stan: diD yOu kNoW tHaT Kim jong un iS nOw a BTS mEmBeR?!?!
Some random guy: I fucking hate this kid.
by Some1 @ the internet December 21, 2019
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