A street gang established in Lynbrook NY. Mostly Caucasian and Hispanic males. They "Jump Each other in" Following a blood in blood out rule" They ravage the streets of lynbrook, and surrounding towns breaking things,, starting fights, and harassing/assaulting innocent people. They are very dangerous and they are a big problem in the town of Lynbrook Long Island.
"563 Member- Yoo Yoo 563 563 all day pussys!
"Blood From Hempstead- Yo White Boy drop and roll nigga this is a stick up!
by KingtoneElhephasimone September 2, 2010
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area code for the hood...otherwise known as Wilton Iowa
YO! You know the Poop Phantom rolls in the 563?!?
by Jered W January 22, 2008
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What to tell your friends to look up when the teacher is about to come behind them.

(it shows a bunch of porn links)
Man, did you see this cool new star that NASA discovered? Look it up, it's called star 563.
by Lol It's Me! August 20, 2017
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