A Worthless 1000 Dollar Piece Of Shit That Can Store 8 Giga's
Its Made By A Brand Called "Apple" Also Known As "Thumb Up Bum"
Friend: I Got A Macbook For My Birthday
Me: Damn, Unlucky Good Luck Next Year
by Osher Aharon December 05, 2016
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A blazingly fast, extreamly cool laptop. Replaced the crappy iBook in early 2006.
Expected to be a cash cow for Apple, as simply the color black costs $150.
More features and speed than Windows will ever have.
Loser: Shit! my Dell just froze again!
Macbook User: Ditch that peice and get a macbook!
by Bixxo June 05, 2006
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Definiton #1: Pretty useless unless your recording music or running a bussiness.
Definition #2: The computer you own if you drive an SUV, drink Starbucks daily, and believe you are hip, mordern, and enviormental.
Definition #3: The computer you own if you enjoy rubbing unimportant things in peoples faces.
Definition #4: One of the most difficult things to opperate.
Joe: I'm going to go play Sims 2 on my MacBook!
Bob: Wtf? You can do that much easier on a PC.

*Talking on Blackberry*
"Hold on babe, let me go run by Starbucks and then I'll go google it on my MacBook."

Kyle: Haha! Your pc sucks, my Macbook is so fucking cooler!

"Wtf? Why do I even need that thing on the side?"
by Sammy Joe Bob April 29, 2008
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a truly amazing laptop, extremely fast and relatively cheap compared to other mac computers ($1100). I bought one last week and it hasnt failed me. where as my brother bought a dell xps and bam bye bye xps.
Me: Aaaaaaaah my macbook is sooo sweet

Brother: Grrrr i hate the crappy dell!
by yogos July 20, 2006
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Apples laptop with a 5 hour battery life.Period
I have a MAC!!!!!!
Yes that overpriced computers by apple.
Did you pay $999 for a laptop that does the same as one from $499.
Yes if you want a black color and 200 MHz more you pay 1399
Dude serious, how are the graphics in cod4
It doest even open cod4 cuz it has a bad graphics card.
Owh, Unreal tournament 3
Nope to bad,
Super mario 64 in a emulator
It works but the fan goes to 6200 rpm after 2 minutes playing.
Owh, how is battery life
5 Hours
OMG, my alienware only get 30 minutes
My alienware with its Dual SLI 8800 GTX and 2,8 Ghz beats macbook.
Really, do you carry a diesel generator to play 1 hour
No i use "stealth" mode to get 2 hours battery life.
What? a B-2 Stealth bomber? OMG
No, then the Gpu and Cpu gets under clocked
Macs dont need that shit.
Macs are just too big overpriced iPods
Haha, my mac has a magnetic power cord.
My alienware has 2 1000 watt power supplies to keep it just running.
Lol, mine is only 70 watt
Do you have a backlit keyboard,
No, you need to go pro for that ($2000)
Do you have customizable lights everywhere
No just a White apple on the back and a green caps lock light.
Lol i have 9 light zones.
Do you have a SMS
A what?
A Sudden Motion Sensor
When you lift my macbook a alarm goes off.
Lol, i have only 6 noisy fans to keep everything under 80 degrees Celsius.
I have only one silent fan.
Do you have a webcam built in
Yes its called a isight
A what.
A isight, thats apples name for a bad quality webcam
My lid will close with a magnet
Mine has 4 locks to keep it closed.
I have 2 speakers
OMG, i have seven just for the ultimate gaming experience
How much crashes vista?
Everytime, Shit it happens again (Bluescreen of death)
*User offline*
Are you there
Shit kernel panic screen
Hold down power button until computer turns off
*User offline*

by JasonMCapple May 17, 2008
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