1. personal stash of dope.
2. hottie babe (female)
3. contraband
"She is such a maal, man!!"
"Did anyone score any maal today?"
by Ramesh Brahmadathan February 26, 2004
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If you are a nitty then maal is your fuel. it is another word for mainly crack
Have you got maal on you
by h4roon January 09, 2021
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It's an Persian slang which means how much for your beautiful body? it's often used by an Iranian man (not necessarily gay) after meeting another young and attractive male with a nice body. considering gay sex is now more common in Iran, asking this question is a signature move toward finding a man and convincing him to have sex.
- hi, maale chand?
+ free for you.
- oh you are Naughty Boy, aren't you?
+ sure I am.

- hey, Maale Chand.
+ expensive.
- I think I can afford it.
+ If you can, then let's check out your place.
by TheManFromThirdWorld February 24, 2019
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