A 30 year old man that goes by the name Shahid who argues with teenage girls who love the famous boyband one direction. Also known as a boyband ruiner because he manipulated Zayn Malik to leave One Direction in the middle of a world tour to go put a song on soundcloud. Usually called a sausage or any other greasy food because he's always sweaty. Also had a hit song called "La La La" featuring Sam Smith but Sam Smith is the only reason the song was popular for the short amount of time.
Girl 1: Who's that guy Naughty Boy.
Girl 2: Some sausage who's the reason Zayn Malik left One Direction.
Girl 1: Oh now I hate him.
by Rockmeharry April 4, 2015
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A greasy food that captured Zayn Malik from One Direction and forced him to go solo. He also thinks that he has good comebacks but Louis Tomlinson proved that wrong. This greasy food also likes to mess with directioners, aka he is a greasy psycho. Oh and he tries to be Zayn when in public.
person: hey do you know naughty boy?
Fangirl: you mean the greasy taco that thinks that thinks he's Zayn Malik?
person: yes
by rainbxwcliffxrd May 19, 2015
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The "Naughty Boy" is an Australian euphemism for the act of sexual intercourse. Popularized by the Australian television comedy series "Wilfred" about a woman named Sarah, her new boyfriend Adam and Sarah's dog, Wilfred. To Sarah Wilfred is nothing more than a 5 year old mixed-breed cantankerous pooch. However, Adam sees Wilfred as a man in a dog suit. They interact, watch DVD's together, eat nachos together and smoke pot together. The term probably originated when Wilfred tried to hump Sarah and she must have told him that he was a "Naughty Boy"
the "Naughty Boy" fucking, rooting, sexual intercourse, banging, screwing, humping, Wilfred, Australia
by bnj61 September 2, 2010
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A disobedient man who needs to be punished to show him who's boss.
Alternatively a man who has been kinky/flirty or is damn right sexy.
Girl one: 'Greg has been a naughty boy and needs to be punished'

Girl 2: 'damn right he does he too hot to go unpunished'
by Windowbob May 16, 2014
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a Phrase that's used for situations where you're Horny and wanna have sex, its very kawaii and meowmid should use it in her videos.
Girl: "Naughty boy.."
Boy: "yes."
by Saki!~ April 20, 2022
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A young student who has brought the laws of humanity and sanity into his own hands within the foundations of a established education system, The naughty school boy thrives on seaxual refferences and will use them to their best of their ablity making clever comments which are usually flat one-liners failing to connect with the audience offenly leading to the indivual being considered a pedivile or "chokes the neck of the chicken to much when mom or dad are out of the house". These creatures/indivduals should be approched with cation. Use compilcated and allaborate words to confuse the beast and thus bring their erousal to a immediate halt.
He is such a Naughty School boy. Just because god gave me big boobs.

A Naughty School boy has been foundeling the skelton in science class today. Again.
by The Messiah of the decendents January 23, 2014
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A naughty bunny boy (or NBB) is a person who's really crazy and weird, but won't admit it.
Guy: Yeah i'm reacting totally normally to this.

Girl: No way, you're pulling a total Naughty Bunny Boy right now.
by NOTmika December 27, 2022
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