181 definitions by kat

To be obsessed with how you look, to love oneself's image, to think you are the most gorgeous thing on two legsvain
(Looking at girl staring at herself in mirror) "Jees that girl is so vain look at her loving herself" etc
by kat November 13, 2004
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combo of yes and yea
yeas i want a burger with no mustard.....
by kat June 26, 2003
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I was talking to Henry and he called me a Caugaysian so I called him a Gayrab. Isn't being gay fun?
by kat June 20, 2004
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The most coooooooooooooolest band in summers county. EVAR! LOL!
by kat October 23, 2003
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i win. i beat you. im better than you. i owned you. etc. etc. etc
by kat September 12, 2004
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performing an action know as the tugboat
Mark and Alex asked Witherspoon if she wanted to tugboat. Witherspoon said no, so they take turns tugboating each other instead.
by kat June 18, 2006
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slang for sex; characterized by very voluptuous, gratifying, juicy, sometimes freaky sex.
I got me some soup from my biznatch last night.
by kat November 20, 2004
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