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Sexual slang for "Meal, Ready to Eat". Anyone that is either wearing crotchless underwear or none at all (i.e. going commando, freeballing, etc.) to make themselves more accessible for oral sex.
Woman 1: It's date night, should I go lace or crotchless?
Woman 2: Forget the panties, be an MRE.
Woman 1: MRE?
Woman 2: You know, a meal ready to eat.
Woman 1: Well, I do pair well with wine.
by wesa23519 July 11, 2020
A strain is a genetic variant or subtype of a microorganism (e.g. virus or bacterium or fungus). For example, a "flu strain" is a certain biological form of the influenza or "flu" virus.
H1N1 is a common strain of influenza
by wesa23519 September 3, 2011
Of or relating to the ear or to the sense of hearing
by wesa23519 September 3, 2011
Aural Herpes occurs when a song gets stuck in your head, goes away, and then comes back. Once infected, the song remains in the head for life, with outbreaks occurring from time to time. While there is no known cure for aural herpes, outbreaks can be treated, usually by listening to music.
Katy Perry is a common strain of Aural Herpes.
by wesa23519 September 3, 2011