An affirmation or affirmative response consistent with "Yes". Certain cat owners detect the utterance of the pets as more like "mreow" than "meow". Mres is thought to be a contraction of yes with cat sound, mreow, along with yes.
Have you been a good kitty? Mres, you've been a good kitty!
by Mongenfish March 16, 2015
Military slang for a "sensitive item" (ie weapon, GPS, radio) that has been lost in the field or stolen. Jokingly referred to as an Experimental MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) which are field rations.
Bravo Company lost an Experimental MRE. They're on lockdown until somebody finds them.
by robocheng December 5, 2013
An MRE rocket is produced by placing the heating unit of an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) in an empty cola bottle, adding a cup of water and closing the lid.

It is then either:

A. Placed at a safe distance
B. Pointed at someone unfortunate enough to be sleeping through military shenanigans

The result is the expanding of the gas within the plastic bottle, and the eventual explosion or liftoff of said bottle.

NOTE: Be prepared to run like hell if your previously sleeping victim is larger than you.
Holy shit, that MRE Rocket is stuck in PFC Bonfette's face!
by TexanMarine August 11, 2006
An explosive device fashioned from the heater found in a MRE, a small container, and water.
Private Smith's MRE bomb made the Lieutenant piss his pants.
by 7002 November 13, 2007
a type of foodstuff made by mixing sugar, peanut butter, and creamer packets in an uncovered metal cup of some kind then heating with a butane cigarette lighter for a couple minutes- these ingredients are all found in various Meals Ready to Eat (and on the floor of most people's cars but that's beside the point)- hence the name, MRE Cookies
Guy #1- What the fuck are you burning in the back seat of my car?!
Guy #2- Nothing's burning! I'm making some MRE Cookies from the shit I found near the back of this piece of shit Buick.
Guy #1- Hey! If you're gonna insult my car, you can fucking walk!
by Post_amerika February 12, 2009
A meal or snack prepared prior to smoking or consuming marijuana products intended to cure the hunger (or munchies) and reduce the risks that come with cooking while intoxicated.
1: "Yeah I'm gonna whip up a marijuana mre before we smoke."
2: "Alright cool, hopefully that'll be enough to get rid of the munchies."
by yeabruh October 13, 2018
Commonly known as the Meal Ready to Eat. This substance is quite possibly the most toxic substance in existence more so than plutonium. The great men and women who serve this country can be found consuming these scrumptious concoctions while out in the middle of bum fuck nowhere doing fun military operations shooting missiles and other interesting pew pews . Warning after consumption of these yummy delicacies your digestive system will forever be destroyed, if you’re lucky it’ll pass out of your system in ten years.
Person 1: man I haven’t shit in five days is this normal I think I’m going to die if I eat one more MRE

Person 2: It’s okay buckeroon I know it’s your first time around these woods so I brought some extra lube

Person 1: what the fuck do I need lube for?

Person 2: I reckon that’s gonna the the hardest shit you’ll ever take in your life, but it’s okay after your first one you’ll be seasoned vet
by Shdylatina December 4, 2019