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A term similar to "dickless" in its usage, but more versatile, in that it can be used on both men and women. It implies that the person in question is "smooth in the front", like a Barbie Or Ken doll, and therefore lacking in sexual prowess. Also implies a certain level of uselessness, an inability to experience pleasure of any kind, and an accompanying willingness to spoil the pleasure of others.
"The party was going great until some people started getting naked and crotchless over there called the police. Who the fuck calls the cops on their own party?"
by The DLivR8R February 02, 2005
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Without the crotch, not less crotch.. no crotch at all.
Person 1: man! that guy doesnt have a crotch!!

Person 2: you mean hes crotchless..?

Person 1: yeah, crotchless
by William Mayoral March 20, 2005
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