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To drink so heavily that describing the alcoholic as "being plastered" just won't cut it.
Bro, did you SEE the liquor lineup tonight? Oh, man, I'm gonna get fuckin' sheet rocked!
by FlippinKamikaze July 19, 2005
(Abbr. for "Shit Pushed In," var. "Shit Packed In") Any negative consequences for poor performance at work, home, etc.
(As a noun) That fuckup Mark backed the forklift into a shelving unit, and the whole damn thing crashed down. Needless to say, he's gonna get his SPI.
by FlippinKamikaze January 11, 2010
(adv.) to spend large amounts of money online shopping in a relatively short amount of time. A portmanteau of HAM and amazon.com.
Holy shit, after I found out about Prime day, I looked at all those things on sale and went HAMazon. I ended up getting a TV, a PS4, a spare controller, a charger, and a new router for less than $600!
by FlippinKamikaze July 19, 2016
Military acronym originally meaning "Meal, Ready to Eat."

Modern MRE's generally consist of a main course, bread and spread (grape jelly, strawberry or blackberry jam, jalepeno cheese, etc.), a desert (pound cake, M&M's,), powdered drinks, a condiment package, and a heating element (in case the soldier is interested in a semi-hot meal). Each MRE, when fully consumed, is approximately 2000 calories, the suggested daily caloric intake for an average person.

The quality of MRE's has consistently improved, though when compared to other food, it is still FUBAR. This explains why MRE's have several derisive terms:

- Meals Rejected by Everyone
- Meals Rarely Enjoyed
- Meals Rejected by Ethiopians
- Meals Rejected by the Enemy
- Meals Refusing to Exit*

There are methods of enjoying an MRE so that it's not particularly terrible. "The Ranger Cookbook" is an unoffical military document which provides the soldier an effective means of mixing and matching MRE's so as to have the most enjoyable meal possible.

* This acronym may be outdated; supposedly, the gum included in the condiments package is a mild laxative.
During the bag drag, my flight made sure we had six MRE's to a person. We'd worry about who was getting the shittier menus later.
by FlippinKamikaze August 21, 2015