The Maniac Latin Disciples are the second largest Latino street gang in Chicago and the largest Latino gang in the Folks alliance (with the first being Latin Kings). Originally known as the Latin Scorpions, the gang was founded by Albert "Hitler" Hernandez and Roberto Ramos Rios, in the Humboldt Park community in approximately 1966. They are one of the original gangs in the Folks Nation. In the late 1990s, the Maniac Latin Disciples began to spread their influence into the South side of Chicago along with several Chicago suburbs including Rockford, Aurora, and Elgin
by folkkrazy August 11, 2011
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You can't match the size of mld.
by ButtFaze March 21, 2016
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Major League Doorkickers. Jargon in military and para-military circles for the grunts doing room-to-room clearing.
Seems like only the fobbit wannabes wear the MLD patches these days.
by lgr February 1, 2008
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MLD Entertainment is a k-pop company that was previously known as DoubleKick Entertainment. They are dumbasses and kicked out Daisy for dating Yunhyeong of iKON. Abbreviated by netizens as MLD.
I miss Daisy. I wish MLD Entertainment didn't kick her out.
by Wizonce.kpop December 23, 2020
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When someone grows into a better person from lessons learned through their life experiences.
Hurricane Harvey put me through a lot of crap but I got an MLD: Masters in Life Degree as a result.
by theauthormarkwilkins October 9, 2017
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MLDS: meaning “major league dick sucking” a phrase you use for someone’s who just never hops off dick
“That teacher on some real MLDS type shit
by goodyplautei August 17, 2022
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you just like yo maw . they say mld
by rellmilly August 17, 2018
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