South-Korean boy group signed under YG Entertainment, one of the biggest agencies in South-Korea, with 7 members B.I (Kim Hanbin), Bobby (Kim Bobby Jiwon), Jinhwan (Kim Jinhwan), Ju-Ne (Goo/Koo Junhoe/June/Junhwe/Junhwae anything, really), Yunhyeong (Song Yunhyeong), Donghyuk (Kim Donghyuk) and lastly Chanwoo} (Jung Chanwoo).

They were first introduced as Team B in 2013 through a survival show called WIN: Who is Next when they lost against label-mates Team A who later got to debut as WINNER. In 2014 another survival show got aired again by YG, this time having three trainees, Hongseok, Jinhyung and Chanwoo compete against the Team B members for a place in who we now know as iKON. Chanwoo won.

iKON debuted on September 15th, 2015 with a digital release called 'My Type' earning the title of 'Monster Rookies' for the impressive results they've shown after releasing it. Their promotions were followed by their half-album debut on October 1st, the album called 'Welcome Back' including 6 tracks. The other half of the album is released on November 2nd, including 6 different tracks.
"Who are the new trendsetters of K-POP?"

"iKON, obviously."
by your fav konic October 24, 2015
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A Korea boygroup of 7 talented, handsome boys with many good songs go into people's hearts.
Stan talent, stan iKON.
iKON only have iKONICs.
by yglovers April 26, 2019
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a K-Pop group with seven kings, who are all precious people, visuals and talents
Do you stan iKON? - Ofc, who doesn't stan kings???
by ikonlisitc January 20, 2019
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iKONICS are fans of the south Korean kpop band iKON.

if you like iKON, you ARE an iKONIC.
iKONICS loves Ikon
by kpopdefi August 7, 2016
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I think we'll outsource to IBM, and then go hang ourselves for being such stupid fucking retards !

"You suck so back you could IKON a wet dream !"
by Badan June 24, 2003
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To constantly perform acts so legendary in nature that they inspire collective feelings of awe and admiration in very large groups of people. They expertise in snatching weaves, scalping edges, and extracting follicles and balding individuals. The act was created and popularized by Big Brother Canada's Icon and renowned legend, Ika Marie Wong.
Joanne the scammer is so ikonic. Honestly. Truly.

Can you believe Beyoncé posted pics of her twins Sir Carter and Rumi at midnight? Ikonic!

The idea of a POC BBUS winner? Unrealistic, but still ikonic.
by iStan555 July 16, 2017
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iKON = legend, a K-Pop group with seven members, which are all visuals, precious people and talents, makes high quality music and deserves everything
Do you stan iKON? - Ofc, who doesn't stan kings??
by ikonlisitc January 20, 2019
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