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South-Korean boy group signed under YG Entertainment, one of the biggest agencies in South-Korea, with 7 members B.I (Kim Hanbin), Bobby (Kim Bobby Jiwon), Jinhwan (Kim Jinhwan), Ju-Ne (Goo/Koo Junhoe/June/Junhwe/Junhwae anything, really), Yunhyeong (Song Yunhyeong), Donghyuk (Kim Donghyuk) and lastly Chanwoo} (Jung Chanwoo).

They were first introduced as Team B in 2013 through a survival show called WIN: Who is Next when they lost against label-mates Team A who later got to debut as WINNER. In 2014 another survival show got aired again by YG, this time having three trainees, Hongseok, Jinhyung and Chanwoo compete against the Team B members for a place in who we now know as iKON. Chanwoo won.

iKON debuted on September 15th, 2015 with a digital release called 'My Type' earning the title of 'Monster Rookies' for the impressive results they've shown after releasing it. Their promotions were followed by their half-album debut on October 1st, the album called 'Welcome Back' including 6 tracks. The other half of the album is released on November 2nd, including 6 different tracks.
"Who are the new trendsetters of K-POP?"

"iKON, obviously."
by your fav konic October 24, 2015
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