9 definitions by Mike Drigz

Used to cut someone off when they are speaking too much grabage or of something that does not interest you. Once said, it can be accompanied by a speaking hand motion or by the following words: (1)"too many words to know" (2)"your words bore me" (3)"your talking bores me"
John: I am so tired, you know wh....
Drigz: Blay Blay Blay, too many words to know
by Mike Drigz December 7, 2005
Something that is not useful or is disliked. Also it can be used to describe someone's horrible skills.
You are grabage at this game.

This food is grabage.
by Mike Drigz December 6, 2005
Literally means "Mad Stupid For No Reason". It can be used to describe an act of stupidity or an action of no significance what so ever.
Professor: The classes' average was a 33
Josue: 'Tis a nice shrubbery!!!
Drigz: MSFNR
by Mike Drigz December 6, 2005
1- To beat someone up so that the result of their body is "stretched out" on the floor.

2- To go to sleep (also known as "To Pass Out")
1- Imma strecth that nigga out

2- I'm mad tired, Imma go stretch out
by Mike Drigz December 6, 2005