When you're getting you're dick sucked by a thot
CJ: Ayy wya bruh
ME: getting top bruh you know
by Culo-cagado April 25, 2016
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Any explicit manner in which a females breats is sucked and/or sucked. Present and past Tense.
"Hey bro did you and vicky smash?"
"Sorta, i was getting top from her."
by The Muffin M4n May 01, 2021
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Riding a male during intercourse while he is laying down on his back. A sexual position.
In the middle of sex, he got tired of doing all the work, rolled over, and said "you'll be getting on top now baby!"
by ALTGOD January 20, 2012
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To get someone killed or sprayed
To send a hit on someone
"Nigga keep playing Imma Get Yo Top Spent"
by VenDango April 09, 2021
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