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A girl that is tough but pretty at the same time. She can be your best friend if you show her respect, but your greatest nightmare if you don't! She has an amazing personality but can also be quiet at times. You have to get to know Lynette to see how amazing she is.
Guy 1: "Wow did you see Lynette take down that guy?!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, but she's actually really nice."
by wellwhoknowsthat August 23, 2011
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loud, obnoxious, parrot who likes the schlong or the use of the word schlong

like to stick her butt out at people

much like a baboon
great person once you get to know her but until then is annoying like a fire alarm
oh the lynette went off last night
by Turtlisous May 25, 2014
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A person who is most likely to get a Hernia by cleaning. She loves food. Especially Alma's food.
"did you see Lynette today?"
"no bro she got a hernia by cleaning and she ate Alma's pink rice"
by AlmaboyRosaRaya April 23, 2018
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