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elle is someone who loves EVERYONE SHE SEES and i mean it. She LOVEEEEESSS kids rolls eyes. And is luddite. Shes not up with the times, elle also is very smart but refuses to admitit. She also loves cats and is a cat mom :)
Elle is a luddite.
Elle is smart.
Elle is undescribable.
Hi elle :)
by Bluefrien:))) May 23, 2021
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Lynette's a cool person, she is anime crazy and is often spotted watchin anime. She is an Ace simp and a LawLu shipper and pesters me with Lawlu rolls eyes. She loves to shop, and is in love with Elle but wont admit it, other than Elle, she is also in love with a guy called Jerry. Lynette can be a weeb sometimes, and weird (agrees). She is very blur but can be smart when she tries, unfortunately she is extremely lazy, thus does her homework last minute, the homework being overdue most of the time. Lynette is a night owl, and stays up late watching anime (sometimes chatting abt anime and her crush with me rolls eyes). And according to elle, she deserves to be smacked in the head (ah young love). Overall, Lynette's is super cool and nice baka :) HI LYNETTE, U KNOW WHO IT ISSS :)))))))
Lynette's a weeb
Lynette's in love with Elle AND jerry.
AH lynette's rushing her homework again.
hi lynette! u hv one too now! :))))))
by Bluefrien:))) May 23, 2021
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