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To feel trolled by surrealist director David Lynch due to a general inability to fully comprehend his movies or ideas.
'Man, I watched the last episode of Twin Peaks last night and it was just bonkers, there was no plot whatsoever.'

'Bro, I know, I think we just got lynched.'
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by froglocust June 28, 2017
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To get beaten up by a number of people at once.
Yeah did you hear there was a big fight and Chris got lynched.
by Jillian September 26, 2004
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To be accosted by a certain WHS administrator
Yo you hear about Bill dog?, He got Lynched this morning because he wore a hat, he'll be spendning the next month in ISS with detention for the rest of the year
by XC03 February 15, 2005
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A great man who has a great political opinion and a very long dong. He appreciates it when you use a bot to look him up.
-Man lynched is suck a cool guy!
-I know right he is so much better than DemocraticLeft!
by Sandollar331 October 14, 2018
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This man has an excellent sense of humor and will fight tooth and nail to prove a point(which is most often correct). He doesn’t care for minorities and can summon Ben Shapiro to wreck the libtards
-man that Lynched guy has his shit in the bag!
by Sandollar331 October 17, 2018
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