To feel trolled by surrealist director David Lynch due to a general inability to fully comprehend his movies or ideas.
'Man, I watched the last episode of Twin Peaks last night and it was just bonkers, there was no plot whatsoever.'

'Bro, I know, I think we just got lynched.'
by froglocust June 28, 2017
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To get beaten up by a number of people at once.
Yeah did you hear there was a big fight and Chris got lynched.
by Jillian September 27, 2004
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1. To completley destroy
2. Hit extremly hard
3. To be leveled
Brian lynched that kid at the game last night!
by Son Of Aces May 28, 2009
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To be accosted by a certain WHS administrator
Yo you hear about Bill dog?, He got Lynched this morning because he wore a hat, he'll be spendning the next month in ISS with detention for the rest of the year
by XC03 February 16, 2005
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To execute without due process of law, especially to hang, as by a mob.
We were going to lynch Mr. Clyde because he didn't have a new shipment of potatoes last sundee.
by Lefty July 1, 2003
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1. When an angry mob publicly beats or executes an individual or small group of individuals who have not received fair representation under the law.

This is the original meaning of the word and was made popular by whites during the period of slavery in the Southern US.

The term is still used today by skinheads and the KKK.

2. To gain possession of an item, either rightfully or by stealing it.

1. KKK leader: Alright boys, let's go lynch some niggers!
2. Alex: Hey Bob, lynch me one of them cookies!
by Alex1010 April 12, 2009
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