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Last sundee I went to church and learnt about Jesus
by Big TDG January 13, 2017
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Sundee is an irregular name, it is Korean for obedient child,if you are friends with a sundee, you already know how great she/he is, they are loving, caring, sweet. But most sundee's are complicated, mood swings, angry behavior, basically bipolar, shes weird, funny, to be hed friend is amazing but to he her boyfriend or husband, damn you're one lucky son of a bitch.. There is only one sundee I know and I wrote this for her, ❀
Sundee is weirdo
by Ally339 July 24, 2017
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The name Sundee comes from a small pig fucking town in Sweden

It has been said Sundee by definition means disgusting obese hairy redneck that lays with livestock.

Commonly if you meet a Sundee you will regret it immensely. Due to the foul odor and anamilstic behavior. Sundees are manipulative, often addicts and should be left alone or dealt with extreme caution.
Watch out! You don’t want to get any Sundee on you!
by Facts R Facts August 14, 2018
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