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Amazing visionary, and artistic director who was born Jan. 20th, 1946 in Montana. Most people don't like his movies coz they say they are crap, but they just say that coz they don't understand them. Many fans debate one another on what the true meaning of his films are, but he usually wants them to leave an interpretation of the film(s) for themselves.
1. Directed films 'Lost Highway', 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me', 'Wild at Heart', 'Eraserhead', 'Blue Velvet', 'The Elephant Man', and 'Dune' (which is noted specifically for bombing in the Box Office)

2. His films usually revolve around Small Town, America, because he is particualrly interested with the topic.

3. Though his films are particularly (and extremely) confusing, I somehow for some reason find them interesting and innovative (which many fans probably think)
by Mister E. November 18, 2004
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A filmmaker. He smokes two packs of American Spirit cigarettes a day, and meditates. He has recently requested 7 Billion dollars in donations to 'create world peace.' David Lynch's movies are creepy, lifeless, and disturbing. So is David Lynch. He preaches that meditation and learning how to breath better will calm you down, make you more intelligent and allow you to 'create.' What nobody is sure of is if he is referring to smoking cigarettes or not. While he does worship Maharishi Yogi, the inventor of "Transcendental Meditation" and has recently been campaigning for him to obtain 7 billion dollars, no one is certain how cigarettes make you breath better, but we know they certainly calm you down, and there is no scientific evidence that cigarettes make you any more intelligent than meditation. David Lynch is also an artist who creates exhibits out of moldy cheese, dead animal parts, dead bugs and rotten food.
"David Lynch is crazier than the characters in one of his movies."
by sternwise October 01, 2006
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