1. rare slang for breasts
2. a bizarre mystery television series
1. I saw her twin peaks yesterday.
2. I saw twin peaks yesterday.
by Adam December 25, 2003
Twin Peaks refers to having ones collar "popped up".

Twin Peaks is used mostly for describing the collar of a Sunglass-wearing rock-and-roller, and used less for describing the collar of a frat boy or bro.
Guy 1:"Does Nick have his collar sticking up?"
Guy 2:"Yeah, he really can rock those twin peaks!"
by Anti-popppp December 11, 2011
(Verb) Masturbating two men simultaneously until both "peak" upon one's face.
Could you hand me a napkin? I just twin peaked two guys a few minutes ago.
by Rene & Kath September 24, 2004
When you speak/write in bizarre/ominous sentences.
Person 1: The owls are not what they seem
Person 2: Hey can you stop Twin Peaking? I'm trying to concentrate

Person 1: Without chemicals, he points
Person 2: -_-
by bin.mint July 26, 2017
homework rules at twin peaks middle school and the kids there are like blah blah blah sksksksk
twin peaks kids am I right
by eleventeen year older December 9, 2019
The act of sucking your partner's scrotum while he titty fucks you from above.

Because of the physical restraints this may require, generally reserved for well endowed men, midgets, or large breasted women.
Your mom came over last night, and i served her a twin peaks dinner.
by notjonathon November 17, 2004