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Bad-ass. Laid back and is always ready to have a good time. Caring, loved by all. Angelic, perfection personified. Smart. Won't brag. Hella sweet and innocent-looking but won't always follow the rules. Wicked sense of humor. Playful. Nice bod and face, keeps you wanting more, a Cali girl. Unforgettable.
person 1: Who's that girl with all the guys surrounding her?
person 2: That's Lyann. You'll wanna meet her.
by jellybellyjellybelly April 15, 2014
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This name is just a name gone wrong through spelling and creation. Usually spelled Leann, Lyann is a name that is just spelled wrong and not cool
Lyann is a girl I met in a cruise, but thought it was spelled Leann!
by ryanfromcruise September 13, 2009
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