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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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-Easily confused, silly.
Girl 1: Why don't people like me?
Girl 2: Because you're an attention whore.
Girl 1: ...I don't get it.
Girl 2: You constantly try to be the center of attention in ALL of our classes.
Girl 1: Oh, yeah.... What were we talking about, again?
Girl 2: ...How much of an attention whore you are.
Girl 1: Oh, yeah! What's an attention whore?
Girl 2: Are you really this goddamn ditsy?
Girl 1: What does that mean!? I'm so confused!
Girl 2: *facepalm*
by The Male Avenger October 07, 2012
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a person that acts like a blonde or is hyper all the time.
that girl over there is ditsy because she didn't take her pills today.
by chey chey June 11, 2005
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Disty refers to something petite and cute, could also be pretty and feminine.
Awh, I love that top, it's so ditsy!
by kapoww. May 05, 2008
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Lacking intellectual insight and suffering from general obstruction of thoughts.
Look at her, eating ice cream with a fork! Such a ditsy person!
via giphy
by TheSAslangGuy June 17, 2020
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