a person that acts like a blonde or is hyper all the time.
that girl over there is ditsy because she didn't take her pills today.
by chey chey June 11, 2005
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-Easily confused, silly.
Girl 1: Why don't people like me?
Girl 2: Because you're an attention whore.
Girl 1: ...I don't get it.
Girl 2: You constantly try to be the center of attention in ALL of our classes.
Girl 1: Oh, yeah.... What were we talking about, again?
Girl 2: ...How much of an attention whore you are.
Girl 1: Oh, yeah! What's an attention whore?
Girl 2: Are you really this goddamn ditsy?
Girl 1: What does that mean!? I'm so confused!
Girl 2: *facepalm*
by The Male Avenger October 07, 2012
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Disty refers to something petite and cute, could also be pretty and feminine.
Awh, I love that top, it's so ditsy!
by kapoww. May 05, 2008
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The act of being throwed(passionate, in love and/or hung over) someone that you like, you begin to act happily, cheerful or over joyous; loopy(high on love or infatuation).
"Daniel is acting mad ditsy over Morgan, he must really like her!"
"Sarah do you like him? Because your acting really ditsy lately."
by LaVieenRose18 July 05, 2018
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