A small country tucked in the middle of Western Europe. Originally a poor country inhabited by frogs, boars, mud-dwelling people, turnip farmers, and iron miners, at some point it was decided to allow banks and banking secrecy to take over the capital city. Nowadays, Luxembourg is a rich little country inhabited by the descendents of frogs, boars, mud-dwelling people, turnip farmers, and iron miners.
Walking around the capital city, you will be struck by its beauty and the lack of friendliness, character, charm, humor, warmth, curiosity, and good looks of the natives. The people of Luxembourg are known to be some of the richest, dullest, and grumpiest in the whole of Western Europe, if not the world.
by Karl Kristoff February 13, 2012
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A state of Europe.

Indeed, not the biggest, but there are smaller (San Marino, Vatican, Liechtenstein, etc).

One of the healthiest place in Europe - well, the healthiest place in Europe, to be honest - with ministers you can meet in the street, and, indeed, a lot of financial places.

There works Belgians, French and German people. So, after that, a lot of people is laughting about, but still taking the train/car/busses to go there because the wages are (motherfucker yeah) higher.

A place where the national language, Luxemburgish, is quite hard to understand, but if you have the luck to find native, and real one, they are really friendly, smart, and, well, they speaks at least 3 or 4 languages.

A place which one of the culinary specialty is Gromprenkichelchen. The hardorce version of the Switzerland "rösti".

Known for making mustard, also.
In the streets in Luxembourg :

Morron A : "Look to that girl... she is soooo hot..."

Morron B : "She should be German"

Girl (sooo hot) : "Moièn !"

Morron A : "Shit, she is Luxemburgish ! She has a funny accent ! But still, she is soooo hot"

Girl : "Yeah, and understand your language, you morron !"
by Sethdetable June 26, 2011
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really small
but not as small as the vatican state
that mouse is really Luxembourg
by The incredibly smelly jerry September 23, 2003
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Awesome little country with a beautiful eponymous capital.
Home of many great , intelligent and good-looking people.
guy #1 : Wow dude! Look at that hottie over there!
guy #2 : Oh maan! She really looks great, she definately must be from Luxembourg!
by Clairebear96 August 18, 2013
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One of the world's smallest safe for mafia, corrupt leaders and normal people's money.
Luxembourg is the #2 world's safe after Switzerland.

"Oh man, I got to hide those millions"
"What don't you try Luxembourg?"
by Ali Baars September 17, 2009
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Country from which REALLY ANNOYING FLATMATES come from. They are usually ugly, and always try to seduce you. Luxembourgians have worse musical taste than Germans.
Piss off Luxembourg flatmate, I'm trying to have a wank.
by bald October 10, 2003
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