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One of the world's smallest safe for mafia, corrupt leaders and normal people's money.
Luxembourg is the #2 world's safe after Switzerland.

"Oh man, I got to hide those millions"
"What don't you try Luxembourg?"
by Ali Baars September 17, 2009
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A person with an incredible superiority complex who assumes that there is no other sports than rugby. The typical rugby player considers its sport more elaborate than american football and more sportive than soccer. Don't compare what you can compare....
Rugby player motto: rugby's a gentlemen sport.

Yeah, just type "rugby fight" on youtube you'll see by yourself.
by Ali Baars September 17, 2009
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A vague word with an unclear meaning that usually includes people speaking arabic as a mother tongue AND considereing themselves arabs. The word has a strong political impact since it can be used by real arab countries to manipulate whole populations.
"Hey, are you arab ?"
"No, I am Somalian"
"So you're arab then"

"Djibuti, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Iran, Turkey, Egypt are NOT arab countries"
"Oh, I thought they were..."
"Nope, sorry, go sell your "arab solidarity" to some other countries"

"Saudi Arabia is an arab country"
by Ali Baars September 17, 2009
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Capital city of Ethiopia, founded in 1886 by Emperor of Ethiopia Menelik II. Also considered the capital of Africa (siege of African Union).
All the Ethiopian roads lead to Addis Abeba
by Ali Baars September 17, 2009
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1. 1896: last battle of the first Ethiopian-Italian war. Ethiopia beated Italy and managed to stay free from colonial domination.

2. A major pownage from an ennemy you despised
1. The Italian were humiliated by the Ethiopian at the battle of Adwa

2. "You better be careful, you do not want to get a battle of Adwa"
by Ali Baars September 17, 2009
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